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EXE Locker lets you password protect any .exe file.

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What does the Free EXE Lock do?

Lock any Executable Programs

EXE Locker allows you to lock any .exe file so that no one can open it without your permission.

Password Protected

EXE Locker uses state of the art encryption technology to make sure that the file once locked, cannot be opened by anyone without a password.

Backup Program

Want to test the software? Use "create backup" option to test the software out in case you want to feel the software first.


File Locker

Just pick the file you want to lock, enter a password, and hit the Lock Exe button to lock the file! As easy it gets.

You may also check "Make a backup" checkbox if you want to test the software out. It will create <program>.exe.old along with original exe file so that you can get the original file by just renaming the .exe.old file to .exe

Unlock your file

Whenever you want to unlock your file, just enter the same password you used for locking the file and it will unlock.

It's important that you remember the password, otherwise the file will never unlock!

The files are AES-256 encrypted. Long story short, this type of encryption is yet to be broken.

Download Options

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